GenealogyJ: Free Genealogy Software Mac OS X

GenealogyJ is free genealogy software for Mac OS X that allows you to view and edit your family genealogy data with easy

Track your family history and do a research of family genealogy with GenealogyJ software, a free genealogy software Mac OS X that written in Java, to installing GenealogyJ software on your Mac, you need to ensure that your Mac has meet the requirement GenealogyJ software installation, the installation requirements is using Mac with 64bit Intel based processor and of course Java virtual machine version 1.6 or later, you can download Java virtual machine for free on the official website of Java software, and then install the Java virtual machine to your Mac, and start GenealogyJ software installation.

GenealogyJ software is very suitable for genealogy researcher or hobbyist, you can do a lot of things with GenealogyJ software to research your family genealogy, you can start genealogy research by add your personal detail family to GenealogyJ software, and then add personal detail of other family members. You can try to ask your parent about detail family history and then writes to GenealogyJ software, and if you need another information about your family history, you can start to visit your relative family, and ask everything about your family history.


Free Genealogy Software Mac OS X

GenealogyJ: Free Genealogy Software Mac OS X

Doing genealogy research is not an easy thing, it’s need more time and effort, excerpt your family has been collect the family genealogy from generation to generation, but don’t be hopeless, because this free genealogy software Mac OS X will help you to do a depth research about your family genealogy.

GenealogyJ software is able to view the time line of your genealogy family, based on personal data you have inputted, the personal data that you can input to GenealogyJ software, including personal name, family name, personal suffix, birth date, place of birth, date of marriage, date of death, relationship and many more. All those will be save to GenealogyJ software database for digital documentary or for editing later.

This free genealogy software Mac OS X is equipped with family tree maker, which is allow you to get the personal data from GenealogyJ software database to create family tree of genealogy, it’s very easy, you don’t need to input separate personal data, just using the GenealogyJ software database.

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