SketchMee: Photo Sketching software Mac

Photo sketching software for Mac with advanced automatic pencil sketching algorithm for high quality photo sketching result

Previously SketchMee software is only available for iPhone and iPad platform, but currently SketchMee has been developed to a whole new level, by providing version for Mac OS X platform, SketchMee software for Mac OS X platform has been divided into two versions, SketchMee basic version and SketchMee pro version, both of version have own advantage, such as the lower price and more extra features,

Certainly you can not get the lower price and extra feature on same SketchMee version, if you want the lower price of SketchMee software, you must select the basic version but without extra features, and if you want to get more extra features from SketchMee software, you must select SketchMee pro version, and of course with the higher price. If you only need SketchMee software for sketching your photos with standard quality , you may select SketchMee basic version with consideration the lower price than SketchMee pro version.


SketchMee: Photo Sketching software Mac

SketchMee: Photo Sketching software Mac


SketchMee is great photo sketching software Mac OS X with easy to use sketching process, just an open Image files from your Mac hard drive directly from SketchMee software menu, and then let the SketchMee software to automatically convert your photo to sketching style. SketchMee will be sketching your photo with default base setting after installation of SketchMee.

If you need custom photo sketching result from SketchMee software, you may need some adjustment and change the default settings, don’t worry the default photo sketching setting will be saved and will be easy to restore to the default settings anytime, there are an advanced control panel to adjust the setting for custom photo sketching result, so you can do more experiment with photo sketching by using SketchMee software.

This Photo sketching software Mac OS X is provide cropping tool, for instantly crop the photos to get the part of photo you need, so you can convert any part of photo to sketching style. On the basic version of SketchMee software, the sketched photo result is able to save on 16 Megapixel of size, it’s lower compared to the SketchMee pro version that able to save the sketched photo result on 128 megapixel of size, there is no impact whether you crop the photo or not before sketching the photo with SketchMee software.

Although SketchMee software is able to produce on high quality sketching size, but SketchMee software is very fast to render your photo to sketch style, on the pro version of SketchMee software, you are able to export any photo sketching result to layered Photoshop document format with transparent background, allow you to enhance the result with more effects on the Photoshop software.

In addition, this photo sketching software Mac is also able to export the photo sketching result to PDF document format that editable in vector drawing software like Adobe illustrator, or you can export the photo sketching result to PNG format for highest quality result, still on the Pro version of SketchMee software, you can export only the stroke of sketched photo for using on transparent paper with PDF and PNG document format, and also you can add highest detail and add the hardest to the grayscale stroke style menu on the pro version of SketchMee software.

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