WebDAV Client: WebDAV Client for Mac

Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Client for Mac OS X with encrypted connection

WebDAV or Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer protocol (HTTP) that allow you to collaborate with others to edit and manage document or files that stored on the Web Servers, basically it’s similar with FTP that enable you to access the files and document on the web Server using FTP client software or if you have advanced knowledge on Mac OS X terminal, you can do it with easily using terminal app on Mac OS X.

You can create your own WebDAV on the web hosting, mostly web hosting service provider that using cPanel as their based control panel for managing and setting web hosting are automatically add WebDAV feature, in addition, many of Cloud storage service provider is also offered WebDAV feature. For easy access WebDAV on Mac OS X, better you use WebDAV client for Mac, there many available WebDAV client for Mac that you can use, one of which is WebDAV Client software.


WebDAV Client: WebDAV Client Mac

WebDAV Client: WebDAV Client for Mac


Yes, the software name has representative as the function itself, this WebDAV Client Mac is offer some feature that make you easy to access WebDAV anytime, Once you setting up the WebDAV Client, this software will be running on the background process, so it will not interfere your work on Mac OS X desktop.

And then you can access WebDAV, like you opened a folder on Mac OS X finder, this WebDAV Client Mac is alo put the little icon shortcut on the menu bar for easy access to the software setting.

For the Security reason, this WebDAV Client for Mac OS X has been equipped with encrypted connection using https connection, so the files transfer process between web server and your Mac it’s safe from sniffing, there is no complicated step to start using WebDAV Client software, just install the WebDAV Client software and do the setting configuration according to the information from WebDAV service provider that given to you.

Once you have done the setting and configuration, WebDAV Client will save your configuration, so you don’t need to setting the WebDAV Client again and again, and the login data of your WebDAV account will be save on the secure storage keychain on Mac OS X.

WebDAV Client for Mac will be launch and connect at startup for automatically, so it can be shorten the time to start your work, without open the WebDAV Client for manually, this WebDAV Client Mac will be work on the Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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