WebsitePainter: WYSIWYG Web Editor for Mac OS X

WebsitePainter is wysiwyg web editor for Mac OS X, let you create professional looking websites without write down lines of code

wysiwyg web editor is needed for some people who want to create a professional looking website that are does not have knowledge on HTML and web programming, to be able create stunning and professional looking website without wysiwyg web editor, you need to learn more about HTML, CSS and other web technology, and of course it’s will be need more time, and sometime you need to create professional looking website for fast and does not have a much time to learn more about web technologies, So, the solution is using wysiwyg web editor.

If you are Apple Mac computer user and using Mac OS X as based operating system, you are lucky enough, because there are many available wysiwyg web editor Mac OS X that can help you to create stunning website design for fast and easy without HTML or web programming knowledge, that is WebsitePainter, Wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) is the simple technique or process to make a something, including website, it’s like a puzzle, you only need to drag and drop any element or content to the web page you are designing on WebsitePainter. so you don’t need to write down the lines of code to make a beautiful website.


WYSIWYG Web Editor Mac -  WebsitePainter

WYSIWYG Web Editor Mac – WebsitePainter


WebsitePainter is a great wysiwyg web editor Mac OS X, which is provide more content and element for your website, including Web 2.0 button, gradient button, round border, hover effects, transparencies, and many more. All those element is really easy to drag and drop to your website, yes, it’s follow the wysiwyg character, which allow you for easy to build website without write down the lines of code.

You only need website templates that you can easy to download on the Internet or if you lazy enough, you can using the website templates that are ready provide by WebsitePainter software, the templates on WebsitePainter software are pre created, which mean you can free to customize it as you need, simply drag and drop any web element and content you needed to the web page.

This wysiwyg web editor Mac OS X is allow you to create interactive Slideshow with just a few click, you can create stunning slideshow content for your website, if you need more interactive website content that are using latest web technology, such as HTML and CSS3, you may check HTML5 wysiwyg editor Mac OS X software to enrich your website content, WebsitePainter software is allow you to create HTML, PHP and ASP web pages, this wysiwyg web editor Mac OS X is equipped with integrated FTP client, so you don’t need to spend your money to buy separate FTP client software for uploading your website files to the web server, let WebsitePainter software to upload your website files with one click to your web server.

You have full control of HTML code that are generated by WebsitePainter software, you can edit the website code if you have knowledge on it, this wysiwyg web editor Mac OS X is support all Unicode around the world, it’s no matter what continent you live on, you can create stunning and professional looking website with WebsitePainter software using your local language and local font.

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