SkyChatViewer: Skype Logs Viewer for Mac OS X

Easy and fast to view your Skype chat log on Mac OS X using SkyChatViewer software, a simple Skype log viewer Mac OS X

Skype is a popular chatting application that works cross platform, including Mac OS X, by using Skype you can chat with your friends around the world, in addition you can also hangout using video calling or audio calling feature with your friends using Skype for free, and you just need good quality Internet connection, Now Skype the largest chat application has been acquisition by, but still available for Mac OS X version.

Skype is also allowing you to perform calling from your Mac to GSM mobile number around the world, but the service is not free, you must buy credit. Most of users are using Skype for chatting purpose, each user can chat each other who has using Skype for free every time, Sometime you need to see the history of Skype chatting, but you don’t know how, let me introduce Skype log viewer Mac OS X, it’s software is called SkyChatViewer, by using SkyChatViewer you can view your skype chat log quickly.


SkyChatViewer: Skype log viewer Mac OS X

SkyChatViewer: Skype log viewer Mac OS X


Basically SkyChatViewer software is getting skype chat logs from your Mac OS X system directory, but not every one know it, by using SkyChatViewer software you don’t need to be bothered to track your Skype chat log on Mac OS X system directory, because SkyChatViewer software will get it for fast and automatically displaying to you.

SkyChatViewer software does not have a strange menu and navigation, the user interface is very simple and clean, so you can get your skype chat log for fast and read a chat logs very quickly.

SkyChatViewer software is also allow you to perform search a Skype chat logs, you can enter the keyword on the SkyChatViewer software search form, and hit enter, and SkyChatViewer software will give you chat logs result that related to your keyword, it’s a very simple Skype log viewer Mac OS X.

In addition SkyChatViewer software is able to save Skype chat logs to another file format, such as HTML, CSV or text format. SkyChatViewer software is require Skype for Mac version 5.0 or higher,

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