Analyze Apache Logs on the Mac OS X with LogDiver

Analyze Apache logs on Mac OS X using LogDiver software for optimizing and tuning Apache server on Mac OS X

If you are web developer or web based application developer, then Apache software is one of web server software that you already know, although there is also another web server software that compatible with Mac OS X and can be an option, Apache web server software has built-in on the Mac OS X installation package, so you can for easy to activate without needed for downloading and installing, except for Updating Apache.

Activate Apache web server is not hard thing for a developer who has work for a long time with Mac OS X. Each developer need more advanced configuration for Apache web server to work properly with their application, although you can also leave the default configuration of Apache web server, but some developer is need more optimizing Apache web server to make it more powerful, If you want to try to optimizing the Apache web server you must really advanced on it, or Apache web server will not work, to help you optimizing and tracking trouble on Apache web server, you need ability to read the logs event of Apache web server, and to help you analyzing Apache log on Mac OS X, you may try LogDiver software.


Apache Log Analyzer Mac - LogDiver software

Apache Log Analyzer Mac – LogDiver software


Basically, LogDiver software is not developed specially for Apache web server only, but it’s work for another software that installed on your Mac, including Mac OS X core system log, LogDiver software is very easy to analyzing logs of software, such as Apache web server, skype, and any kinds of software that has installed on your Mac OS X.

LogDiver software can be used as Apache log analyzer for Mac OS X, you easy to import events log from Apache web server to the LogDiver software, and view or analyzing the apache log on LogDiver software with holistic view of events occurring within the same timeframe.

LogDiver software is come with pre-defined extractor and also able to define custom log file formats, so the Apache log can be analyze for easy, LogDiver software is also designed with simple and clean interface, make you more easy to using it, and the view of log that has you import is very neat, make you more easy to analyze the log of software, including Apache web server.

LogDiver software is built-in many options and customizations, that allows you to get the best result on analyzing log, you are also allowing to save log analyzing or imported event to use again in another time. LogDiver software allow you to analyze the log event of Apache web server and make it better to work.

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Date: December 27, 2013

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