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Make your Mac OS X desktop more beautiful with Screensaver + software, it’s Mac OS X Lion compatible screensaver app


Sometimes you are feel boring with Mac OS X desktop screensaver that are only run default screensaver which is include on the Mac OS X package. Honestly you can make your own Mac OS X desktop screensaver more beautiful, by installing additional screensaver that you can found and download on the Internet, but yes, it’s very limited. The default Mac OS X screensaver is less customization function, although it’s allow you to add your picture folders, to perform slideshow when screensaver is active.


Mostly Mac OS X screensaver is built on software package, which you can installed on Mac OS X like an software application as usually, such as Screensaver + software, this screensaver software is have more function and customization, and also Screensaver + software is compatible with earlier Mac OS X versions, such as Mac OS X lion, Mac OS X snow leopard, and Mac OS X leopard.


Mac OS X lion screensaver

Mac OS X lion screensaver


By using Screensaver + software you can select one of two available clock design for screensaver your Mac OS X desktop, there is flip clock and traditional clock designs, which is able to combine with your own favorite images on Mac hard drive, or using built-in Screensaver + software system images that include dozens of high quality and beautiful images, if you are selected the own images, Screensaver + software is able to filter the size of images to avoid displaying images that are too small on your screensaver.


In addition to add clock onto your Mac OS X desktop screensaver, Screensaver + software is also allow you to add current date and day of the week, this feature is only available if you are using Traditional clock design, and not available if you are using flip clock design.


If you are MacBook users, Screensaver + software is able to display battery level status of your MacBook on the screensaver, and also shows battery charging, if you are plugged the charger in. Beside to show battery level status, Screensaver + software is also able to display current Wi-FI connection name.


You can start the Mac OS X desktop screensaver of Screensaver + software by manually or automatically. Screensaver + software is give you three method to stop the screensaver including, draw your preset pass pattern, move the mouse, and click the stop button. By creating pass pattern for your Mac OS X desktop screen saver is able enhanced your Mac OS X security.


Screensaver + software is very easy to use and designed with sleek and simple interface, you can run Screensaver + software at startup for automatically, you can also hide the Dock and status bar icon by Screensaver + software.

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