Create Storyboard with Free Mac Storyboard Software

StoryBoard Pro is a free storyboard software for Mac OS X, which allow you to make a storyboard for plan ahead when creating video

Creating storyboard is an important thing for filmmaker or film director as their plan base of ahead when they start to make a movie, storyboard will help a film director or video editor to get an overview or pre-visualizing when videotaping the shot and video editing tips to be used when editing the video in many popular video editing software like, Adobe Premiere pro or iMovie.

Storyboard is using in many case and purpose, so is not only for a movie, as mentioned on the wikipedia, “Storyboards are graphic organizers in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence”. If you are one of Mac OS X computer user, there was a free storyboard software for Mac OS X that maybe useful for you when creating pre-visualization or overview fro your project, that is StoryBoard Pro software.


Free storyboard software Mac OS X | StoryBoard Pro

Free storyboard software Mac OS X – StoryBoard Pro


With StoryBoard Pro software you can easy to create storyboard for any purpose, especially for creating a movie storyboard, you can to easy making pre-visualization of your video shoot process, the Free Mac OS X storyboard software that was developed by Atomiclearning is very useful and include many features for creating storyboard.

StoryBoard Pro software is designed for teacher and student to get learn how to create a plan ahead when creating movie or video project, StoryBoard Pro software is also suitable for any professionals movie maker or film director for creating plan overview before they start to shoot the video.

Although it’s just a free storyboard software Mac OS X, but you can do more to create storyboard, Such as enter the shoot titles and description, and then completed with planned video shoot lengths and edited order.

For better pre-visualization or overview when creating storyboard you can import existing video clips, pictures, and sound, In addition by using StoryBoard Pro, you can create, save and import storyboard templates for using on other video projects, This Free Storyboard software Mac OS X is allow you to print the storyboard for use when filming and video editing. If you need hand sketch of storyboard, you can print the blank storyboard worksheet, it’s will help you to brainstorming new ideas.


Unfortunately the Storyboard Pro software is released without any support from the developer, but that’s why the Storyboard Pro software is released as free storyboard software, but don’t worry about it, so far the Storyboard Pro software isn’t have any compatibility problem with the newest Mac OS X.

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