Advanced Mac OS X Transcription Software

MacSpeech Scribe is advanced Mac OS X transcription software that enables you to transcript spoken-word audio file to text

Transcription a spoken-word audio file to text that are ready to use for any purpose it’s an easy thing, there are many tools or software for Mac OS X that will help you to do it, one of which is MacSpeech Scribe software, this transcription software is compatible with Mac OS X. Transcription a spoken-word audio file to text is needed for everyone who work as journalist, researcher, or even college student.


If you are a journalist, you’ll be need a transcription software for easy transcribe an interview audio file to text, and if you are researcher, you can use transcription software to transcribe audio note to text after you have finished your research, as usually the researcher is very busy with their work, so the researcher will be easy to create note by record their voice and transcribe the audio note later by transcription software. And if you are a college student, you can use the transcription software to transcribe the lecture audio recording.


Mac OS X transcription software

Advanced Mac OS X transcription software

MacSpeech Scribe software is extremely easy to use transcription software, you simply record a spoken-word audio file by any recording software on Mac OS X and your microphone, and then save your recording session to audio file format that supported by MacSpeech Scribe software, including aif, aiff, m4v, mp4, m4a and wav, when the file is ready you simply open the recording audio file with MacSpeech Scribe software and let the MacSpeech Scribe software to transcribe your audio file to text that will displaying the result automatically on your Mac screen.


Beside audio file that produced on your Mac OS X, MacSpeech Scribe software is also supported spoken-word audio file that made on iPhone device or any digital recorder. The Mac transcription software that was developed by nuance the leading of speech recognition technology that has produce many kind of speech recognition software for Mac OS X, MacSpeech Scribe software is offer you the best transcription result with accuracy up to 99% .


MacSpeech Scribe software is also allow you to create six individual profiles to ensure maximum transcription accuracy for up to six different voice, this Mac transcription software is also provides phrase training capabilities that allow you to learn more your voice input, MacSpeech Scribe software is also recognizing more than 10 English dialect variations, so you will get better transcription result.


In addition you can also to add new vocabulary or train individual words by vocabulary editor that built-in MacSpeech Scribe software. This Mac OS X transcription software is also recognize the punctuation, so you simply speak ‘comma’ and then MacSpeech Scribe software will transcribe your voice to punctuation, you can run MacSpeech Scribe software on Mac OS X 10.6 with Intel based Mac CPU.

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