Design outdoor space with Landscaping software for Mac OS X

Design and plan your outdoor living spaces with Landscape Design 17, an easy to use Mac OS X software for landscaping design

Are you professional architecture or an ordinary people who want to design and build outdoor living area such as, garden, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, deck, or anything else, which is related to the outdoor living environment of your house? Landscape Design 17 software is the answer, even if you are ordinary people, you can design the landscaping on your outdoor house environment with easy, By using Landscape Design 17 software you can start to plan, design and visualize your landscape design on the outdoor living space, drop any landscaping ornaments to the canvas design and throw away the landscaping ornaments you don’t need it,

You can start by drop your home picture to the canvas project, and let start design your landscape, by drag and drop any landscaping ornament including library of plants, you can also combine the plant with all building material, like paint, brick, siding, stucco and many more, you can also to put the detail of outdoor furniture, such as water features, gazebos, kitchen furniture, and many more combination available, which is allow you to get landscaping design that similar to the reality,

Landscaping software for Mac OS X

Landscaping software for Mac OS X

This Landscaping software for Mac OS X is offer more that 4000 kind of plants, including trees, flowers and shrubs, so you can prepare what the plant ornament to buy and calculation with your budget, Landscape Design 17 software is also offer any information of the plants on the library, including growing region, water requirement, sunlight needs and many more, and off course you can perform search by ‘plant finder’ tool that give you option to filter search result by stipulation information above.

Give your landscape design with driveways or walkways and customize with realistic materials, such as concrete stains, pavers and stone, the landscaping software for Mac OS X is able to provide a complete control for outdoor lighting, including path lights, sun direction light, and how much light you want and where, it’s all by Precision Lighting Planner™ tool, which is make you easy to design the light direction, and also with realistic lighting result. Using landscaping software will make you easy and free to try any layout and material for landscaping without need fear to failed,

Landscape Design 17 software is allow you to design deck of your home for fast, including drag and drop templates, is also for good combination with your landscape, if you want to build custom decks without using templates, the Mac OS X landscaping software has provide you IntelliDeck™ tool for easy build custom deck in a few click, you can also customize the deck with any material building or suitable furniture,

The cool things from Landscape Design 17 software is that you can see how your landscaping will look on the future, by using “grow feature” so you can see how your flowers or trees on your landscaping area after six month or one year, designing your landscaping are is really good for comfortable living environment. This landscaping design software is compatible with Mac OS X10.6.6 or later.

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