Mac screencast software – Screenium software

Create a sophisticated and professional screencast with Screenium software, a Mac screencast software that built-in video editor

Have you ever need to show what you do on Mac to your friends or family, Such as demonstrate a workflow of software you use or making a video tutorial?, if yes, maybe you will be need a Mac screencast software that can do it for easy, and off course with sophisticated and professional result, although the Mac OS X itself has brought the tool you need it on the Quicktime player, but sometimes the tool is not enough to cover what we need to create professional screencast video.

Making screencast video is needed to show what you do on Mac desktop, such as making video tutorial, software demonstration, making presentation, or maybe for video commercial ads, and anything reason that require to record your Mac desktop activity, there’s a lot of available video screen capture software for Mac OS X, and each screen recorder software for Mac have their own capabilities, I will introduce one more Mac screencast software that have unique feature, that is Screenium software, what is the unique and advantage feature of this Mac screencast software? Let continue reading,

Mac screencast software - Screenium software

Mac screencast software – Screenium software

Screenium software is offer four way to capture and record your Mac desktop screen for screencast, the first is capture the whole of screen, which mean you can capture and record as full screen, and the second is single window, that let you to record and capture a window on your Mac desktop screen, for example you are open iTunes software on Mac desktop and Screenium software is capable to capture and record only on iTunes window area, and the third capturing mode of this Mac screencast software is freely selectable area, with this capture mode, you will be able to select the area of your desktop screen with the size you need, and the last capture mode of Screenium software is follow mouse pointer, which mean the recording and capturing screen will follow your pointer movement.

What make of Screenium software is different with the other screen recording software, that is capabilities to edit the video result, yes, this Mac screencast software has built-in their own video editor, that help you to create sophisticated and stunning screencast video result, so you don’t need to buy another video editor software for editing screencast video.

Editing screencast video on the built-in video editing software of Screenium software is very simple and easy, you are allowed to cut the video length, if you thing it’s needed and make it organize by chapter marks, each chapter transition of screencast video is possible to inserted the transition effects, it will make your screencast video more beautiful and looking professional, In addition you are also able to adding special effects to screencast video, such as zoom effect on pointer, animate text and shapes in the video editor to hide sensitive information or to highlight menu entries, and many more.

This Mac screencast software is allow you to hide everything on your Mac desktop during captured, such as desktop wallpaper and icons. So your Mac desktop is looking clean and the audience will be focus on what you do on the screencast video,

Screenium software will record anything your hear from your Mac speaker along with the video, if you are playing music on the iTunes, the sound will also recorded to the video, and make it as back sound for your screencast video. You can connect your microphone to Mac and start to talk and explain what you do during recording your Mac screen desktop, this Mac screencast software is also capable to integrate with video from any QuickTime-compatible webcam or iSight.

You can easy to control the main function of Screenium software by keyboard shortcut, the video format that supported by this Mac screencast software, that is what has supported by QuickTime, so you can export your screencast video result to any QuickTime formats available on your Mac. Screenium software is require Mac OS X 10.6 or later to works.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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