Scanner software for Mac – DocScanner

DocScanner is a Scanner software for Mac that allow you to shoot any text documents by camera and transform into clean and clear PDF document

Forget about flatbed scanner device, because it’s not about that, DocScanner software let you to transform any image document that contain text inside it to PDF document format, the cool thing of DocScanner software is capability to transform image document that you take by Camera and automatically convert the image to PDF document format, with clean and clear result like a scanned by Flatbed scanner device, this Scanner software for Mac allow you to fast scan document without flatbed scanner device.

The technique is faster than scanning the document with flatbed scanner, and of course with the better quality result, you just take the document by Camera and import them to your Mac, and then drag and drop all the document image to the main interface of DocScanner software, and let the DocScanner software is works for you, this Scanner software for Mac is using unique algorithms which automatically recognize the image of document that you take by Camera, so DocScanner software is capable to automatically corrects and adjust setting the image of document, such as perspective, whiteness, noise, and other things that let you produce clear scanned document result.

Scanner software for Mac - DocScanner

Scanner software for Mac – DocScanner

So you have no worry about camera angle to shoot the document, because this Scanner software for Mac is capable to correct the perspective of image, if you have a better camera device such as DSLR, it will help you to produce scanned document with better quality result, DocScanner software is utilizing the 3D accelerated graphic card on your Mac, so DocScanner software is capable to run really fast and smoothly.

The PDF document of scanned result by DocScanner software is allow you to drag and drop to the Mac desktop or other software that being running as directly, the result of scanned document is optimized for printing purpose, with the larger size and clean result which is ready to print, this Scanner software for Mac is easy to use with a simple user interface and layout, by using the DocScanner software you don’t need to buy an expensive flatbed scanner device to get scanned document, just DocScanner software and pocket camera, phone camera, or DSLR camera, and it’s done.

If you have installed Evernote software on your Mac, then DocScanner software is capable to integrated with it, DocScanner software is working closely with Evernote to make DocScanner software the best Scanner App to feed your Evernote account, this Scanner software for Mac has direct integration to Evernote. DocScanner software can be found in the Evernote Trunk too.

This Scanner software for Mac is including OCR feature, with support more than 10 language, including Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and many more. You are allowed to email the scanned PDF document result directly by using email button on the toolbar of DocScanner software.

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