Mac DJ Software – FutureDecks DJ

A Mac DJ software for everyone that allow you to mix audio like a pro Disc jockey, FutureDecks DJ is also available for iPhone and iPod touch

Be a professional Dj is not easy, you must have a great skill to playing DJ equipment and audio control, If you want to learn to be a professional DJ, you will be spent a few month or maybe a few year in a DJ school, and also you must buy an expensive DJ equipment. But in the modern era right now, you have another options to start learn about a DJ, without needed to buy an expensive DJ equipment, that is by using a set of computer and virtual DJ software, if you are a Mac computer user, there are many options a Mac DJ software available to be chosen, read about a 5 Best DJ programs for Mac. The virtual DJ software is also used by many professional Disc Jockey, to be connected with the DJ equipment.

Mac DJ software - FutureDecks DJ

Mac DJ software – FutureDecks DJ

But now I will introduce another Mac DJ software that is not mentioned on the 5 Best DJ programs for Mac before. it was called FutureDecks DJ software, the feature and capabilities is not much different with the 5 dj programs for Mac that I mentioned earlier. FutureDecks DJ software has been provide manual and automatic mixing capability with the automatic BPM detection and one-click beat matching, it will help you to produce a stunning audio.

The standard audio control that provide by another Mac DJ software, like audio effects, Equalizer, loop, scratch, pitch, reverse play and audio filters, it also included on the FutureDecks DJ software. You can easy to switch Master Tempo by on / off selector, overall the graphic user interface of FutureDecks DJ software is very clean and neat, the interface layout of FutureDecks DJ software is also is not much different with another Mac DJ software, so you will be easy to use it.

FutureDecks DJ software has been supported CoreAudio low latency, by using this Mac DJ software you are allowed to using separate headphones output for left and right deck, you can also record your audio mixes into audio formats supported by FutureDecks DJ software. So you can share your audio mixes result with your friends through the Internet.

You can browser the music / audio files with unlimited lists, it also included disk explorer and database, all the audio on your Mac will be easy to access by FutureDecks DJ software, This Mac DJ software it also capable to integrated with iTunes, so you can using your iTunes music library on the FutureDecks DJ software.

This Mac DJ software is capable to load the whole audio or music on your Mac hard drive in RAM memory for fast access. the another feature of FutureDecks DJ software, that is, CUE points function and gradual pitch bend, Karaoke CDG support, and extensive setting including crossfader curve. So what are waiting for ?, let start to learn to be a Dj by using virtual DJ software.

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