Apple Mac OS X backup software – Get backup Pro

Secure the data on your Mac hard drive by using Get backup Pro, an Apple Mac OS X backup software that give a peace of mind

How important the data on your hard drive, and if the data is lost that is a nightmare, so as soon as possible backup your data to another drive to get peace of mind, if you are using Apple Mac OS X, the Get backup pro software is a right choice as your backup software to keep your data safe, this Apple Mac OS X backup software is a commercial version of get backup lite that released for Free, you can read the article of free Mac backup software on the previous article,

Get backup pro have more capabilities and feature than a free version, including Data encryption, incremental backup, bidirectional synchronization, and enhanced file exclusion. Immediately backup your data on the hard drive, before your data loss is a right decision, there are more reason that cause of data loss, but before it happen, let backup your data with get backup Pro software, a powerful apple Mac OS X backup software.

Apple Mac OS X backup software - Get backup Pro

Apple Mac OS X backup software – Get backup Pro

You are given some options to perform backup the data, you can choose for full backup, incremental and versioned backups, to protect your backup data, get backup pro software has been equipped with standard encryption including AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish and triple DES, you can choose one of it, to secure your Backup data. This Apple Mac OS X backup software also capable to compress your backup data file to save more disk space.

If you are busy enough, the Get backup pro software have a good solution for you, which is by setup an automatic backup schedule, you can set the backup schedule to each backup project, you can select daily, weekly, and monthly to perform automatic backup, the automatic backup is runs on the background, so it will not disturb you.

Several backup destination disk that you can choose, including CD / DVD, local hard drive, network volume, and external hard drive, this Apple Mac OS X backup software is also capable to break a large backup file to get smaller backup file, it will help you to store backup files into CD / DVD and online storage service,

Get backup pro software is allow you to perform synchronization between two folders, locally or through a network, you can choose synchronization mode one way or two way. This Apple Mac OS X backup software allow you to restore Backup file on any computer without needed get backup software installed.

As the default Apple Mac OS X has bring their own backup software, that is Time machine, but many people say is not enough yet, and require more capabilities and features. Get backup pro software give you everything you need to perform backup and keep your data safe. This Apple Mac OS X backup software is capable to runs on the Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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