Mac Photo Editing Software – Photo Edit Studio

Enhance and create a stunning photo by Photo Edit Studio software, a Mac photo editing software that comes with many powerful tools

Are you bored with a photo that looks unremarkable? If yes, try to enhance your photo into beautiful one, just like applying an effects, adjust brightness and contrast, and many more. To take the action you will need a computer software that can do that, and if you are is a Mac computer user, the Photo Edit Studio software is one of it, a Mac photo editing software that is cheap and powerful enough, the Photo Edit Studio software is give you a lot of useful tools to enhance and adjust your Photos into beautiful photos in a snap,

The Photo Edit Studio software has been included the standard tool and the edit function just like in the another Mac photo editing software it has been included, such as cut, copy, scale, paste, duplicate, pencil, brush, etc, and also included the editing tool that’s very similar with Photoshop software as the leading of Mac photo editing software today, such as, color sampling, gradient fill, move, erase, crop, fill bucket, clone, smudge, swap, texture fill, magic wand selection, lasso, polygon, elliptical, rectangular selection, and many more.

Mac photo editing software - Photo Edit Studio

Mac photo editing software – Photo Edit Studio

For the best experience of photo editing, the Photo Edit Studio software has been built-in with Layer management, that mean you are is possible to edit your photos with multiple layers, combine photo with the another photo, merge photo with the artwork, add text into photos, and many more.

The user interface of this Mac Photo editing software is also free uncluttered, you will be easy to use it, no hidden menus or hidden buttons, all the menu and feature button is accessible for easy on the main interface of Photo Edit Studio software, there is also some tools that make you more easy and proper to edit the photos and draw the graphic artwork from scratch, such as Layer boundaries, rulers, guide and point information.

Although the Photo Edit Studio software is not as good as Photoshop software for graphic design tool, but I think it’s enough for you who want to learn more about graphic design, so you don’t need to buy and download separate graphic design software for Mac, just Photo Edit Studio software and it’s done. This Mac Photo editing software has been included the graphic design tools.

There are more than 60 special effects on this Mac photo editing software that you can apply to enhance your photos, includes Gaussian Blur, brightness and contract, gamma, hue, saturation and value, White Point, Color Ramp, CMYK, Grayscale, Invert, Monochrome, Posterize, Sepia, Threshold, and many more. You can import the BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PIC, PDF, SVG, TIFF, XBM and XCV image format into the Photo Edit Studio software,

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