Mac Audio Editor App – AudioDesk

AudioDesk is a Mac audio editor software for professional, AudioDesk is let you to Edit, mix and apply effects into audio

AudioDesk has includes multi track audio editing capability, lets you to edit unlimited audio track as your Mac will allow. There is a lot of audio editing control that you can use, such as virtual mixing with up to 64 stereo busses, graphic editing of mix and effects automation, scrubbing, trimming, spotting, crossfades, etc. The AudioDesk is a complex Mac audio editor software and it’s very suitable for Music production, this Mac audio editor software is also support for third-party MAS effects plug-ins, so you can enrich your audio effects collection, maybe if you have the first time to using AudioDesk, you will be a little confused with a much of controls and options on the interface.

Mac audio editor - AudioDesk software

Mac audio editor – AudioDesk software

With AudioDesk you can vies and edit all of your audio tracks in a single window, that allow you to fast rearrange your audio, this Mac audio editor software also includes ten level of undo, so you can free to experiment with your audio by applying many options. If you are currently working on the Music production studio or recording studio, maybe you are familiar with the mixing console board, on the AudioDesk software the mixing console board has been transformed into virtual mixing console that can you control on your Mac screen, each track you have imported into AudioDesk, has it’s own controls and options, this Mac audio editor software has allow you to customize the keyboard hot key into any AudioDesk function.

You can insert up to 20 effects into your audio track, the effects that are has included with AudioDesk that is , AutoPan, Chorus, DC Notch, Delay, Echo, eVerb, MS Decoder, Phaser, Ring Modulato, Sonic Modulator, etc. If you have a faster Mac computer, the more effects you can use at one time.this Mac audio editor software has provides dozens of real-time, automatable 32-bit plug-ins, with graphical control including reverb, dynamics processors and EQ. The AudioDesk is compatible with multi processor and multi core Mac computer. You can do a lot of thing with your audio track on the AudioDesk software, and you can produce a clean and professional music. If you have using the previous version of this Mac audio editor software you will be free to upgrade into the latest AudioDesk software.

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