Family Tree Software for Mac – My Family Tree software

My Family Tree is a family tree software for Mac that is very simple, clear and easy to use, whether you are a professional genealogist or enthusiasts alike

Build your family tree with the simple application such as My Family Tree software, this family tree software for Mac it’s great to track and describe your own family history in the Family tree. Don’t let your child does not remember about their family history, who’s grandmother, who’s grandfather, how the face, birth dates, and many more about your family history, let’s start to writes their history into family tree, to be remembered by our children on the future, does not need a professional genealogist to draw your Family tree, just by using My Family Tree it will done easily.

Family tree software for Mac - My Family Tree software

Family tree software for Mac – My Family Tree software

My Family Tree has reserve you a basic operation to help you build a simple until a complex of Family tree chart, to draw a family tree chart is not hard as you think, My Family Tree have a similar operation with the other family tree software for Mac, such as MacFamilyTree and MyBlood and many more. Start by simply add a person into My Family Tree canvas and complete it with many information you have, include Photos, birth dates, the date they passed on., and linked them together or into another person that have kinship, as example: Link parents to their children, or link together partners, and you’re on your way to a complete family tree.

This family tree software for Mac have a some basic operation such as, add person into canvas of My Family Tree software, make selection of Family Tree chart, link to child, link to partner, edit the chart of family tree, remove the chart of family tree and snapshot tool to grab your final Family tree chart into Image format, To be printed or share via email into another family member, My Family Tree software is very small and lightweight, lets you to save your CPU resource.

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