Free Photo Editing Software for Mac – Picasa

A free photo editing software for Mac that includes many essential photo editing tool and a lot of photo effects to applied

Picasa is a free editing software for Mac that was developed by Google to attract user for their web album service, even though the Picasa is free, but it was included a lot of features and tool to fix and enhance your Photo, such as basic fix feature that covered Crop tool, Straighten tool, Redeye tool, Auto contrast tool, Auto color tool, retouch tool, text tool, and I’m feeling lucky for one click fix the photo, all these Picasa basic fix features can help you to fix, add text and enhance your photo. Picasa also offered Tuning features to adjust the color and lighting of all photos you edited with Picasa.

Free photo editing software for Mac

Free photo editing software for Mac – Picasa

On the Picasa there was two kinds of effects you can apply into Photo, there is Basic effects and Advanced effects, both of effects are have a unique sense, on the basic effects of Picasa you will found the sharpen, Sepia, B&W, Warmify, Film grain, Tint, Saturation, Soft Focus, Glow, Filtered B&W, Focal B&W and Graduated Tint effect. While the effects you can found on the Advanced side is the modern photo effect such as, Lomo, HDR, Infrared, Cinemascope, posterize, and many more, all the advanced and modern photo editing tool can you get on the Picasa for free, this free photo editing software for Mac is also provide 1GB storage for free on the picasa web album.

Picasa also included Photo collage maker and you don’t need to install separate photo collage maker for Mac, there are six different style of collage you can applied into your photo, included Picture pile, Mosaic, Frame mosaic, Grid, contact sheet and multiple exposure photo collage style, you have to feel free to setting the collage you created, such as Grid spacing, Photo borders, Background setting, page format, orientation, etc. the another awesome feature that was included by this free photo editing software for Mac is Movie maker that you can use to create a movie by using your photo or video, or mix them into one movie, and add Back sound, transition style, overlap video, and more.

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