Audio Recording Software for Mac – iRecord software

iRecord is a small and lightweight audio recording software for mac, you can record any sound that you hear from your Mac

Whatever sounds that break out from your Mac computer, you can record it with easy by iRecord software, when you playing a songs with iTunes or watching a movies by using quicktime or other video player application, you can record the sound with very easy and with a few click, the output audio format that generate by the iRecord software is MP3, and you can convert it into ringtone for your iPhone, so you don’t need separate ringtone maker software to installed into your Mac computer.

Audio recording software for Mac - iRecord software

Audio recording software for Mac – iRecord software

This audio recording software for Mac is allow you to record the voice with the microphone, simply plug your microphone into input panel and start to talk, and the iRecord software will record your voice, the audio result of voice you have been recorded can you use to add the narration into video or just for fun to record your voice while sing a song, by using iRecord software you can also to trim the audio recording result, if you think it just too length, when you has trim the audio recording result, you can directly import the audio into MP3 format or export into iPhone as ringtone.

The iRecord software is has a support for plugin, and there are plugin that will help you to record streaming audio, namely is soundflower plugin, the soundflower plugin will be record the streaming audio from internet, this audio recording software for Mac has a requirements to run on your Mac computer, such as using Mac OS X 10.6 or newer.

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