Mac Unzip Program – unZip

Open an archived and compressed files with unZip program, this Mac unzip program is small and lightweight

Many people rather to zipped, compress or archived their files to make it uncluttered, or for another reason such as compress a number of files into one compressed files to make it have more smaller size than the size of all files before compressed, the Zipped, archived or compressed files is often found on the internet when you download the files, and to open the zipped, archived and compressed files you need an application that support to perform unzip, unarchive and uncompress files like unZip program. This is a simple Mac unzip program that have ability to unzip more than 20 archive file formats.

Mac unzip program - unZip program

Mac unzip program – unZip program

The unZip program is also capable to unzip the files that have protect by password, don’t ever think unZip program is capable to open an archived files that have a password without you knowing the password, No the unZip program is not hacking software. This Mac unzip program allow you to determine the output folder for unzipped files result. There are a lot of unzip program for mac, you can read here the another 12 archive utility for mac,

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