5 Apps to Uninstalling Installed Mac Applications

The best way to uninstall mac applications is by using the app that can be do it automatically until clean without leaving junk files

Yeah we all know, if you removed the apps files directly into Recycle bin when you wan to uninstall mac applications, it doesn’t mean you have deleted all apps files, it’s will be leave some junk files that maybe cause your Hard drive full, you will need the app that have ability to find and detect related files of the App that will be you removed from your hard drive, and there is 5 app that will help you to uninstall mac application

Uninstall mac applications

5 app to Uninstall mac applications

AppDelete Lite

AppDelete Lite is very easy to use to uninstall programs on mac, you simply drag the program you want to uninstall into AppDelete Lite window and AppDelete Lite will scan all the files that associated with the program you want to uninstall. AppDelete Lite can Finds associated files that are visible, invisible, or hidden automatically.


Using Amnesia software to uninstall program on Mac is also very easy, you can directly drag the program icon in the Application folder into Amnesia software user interface, and quickly, Amnesia software will scan all related files that contained on your Mac hard drive.


Simply by dragging the software you are going to uninstall into the TrashMe main window, and let it TrashME to scan the related files that you need to remove, With TrashMe make uninstall software on a mac would be easier and faster, no leaving a junk files on your Mac OS X. in addition Useful to uninstall software on a mac,TrashMe also have the ability to cleanup the Mac OS X caches.

App Zap

With App Zap you Simply drag the program that will be removed into App Zap window, and automatically App Zap will be perform a scanning the related file of program that you are going to delete. With App Zap you can completely deleting programs on Mac and their related files. There will be no more related files that will be a junk files left behind by programs you have deleted.


AppCleaner can scan all related files of apps that will you uninstall from the hard drive, so when you will remove the apps that are not used anymore, you simply drag it into the main window of AppCleaner software, and automatically AppCleaner software will scan your entire system folder to search related files with the apps you are going to delete. This Mac app cleaner software can find files that are proper and related to the apps you are going to remove, so do not be afraid to delete the wrong file system that might cause your Mac OS X hang or damaged

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 27, 2013

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