Movie Editing Software for Apple Mac – iMovie

iMovie is one of the movie editing software for mac that have ability to enhance and customize your ordinary video into an awesome video

It’s a simplest movie editing software for mac by Apple, beside Final Cut Pro that have more capability for professional video editor, although it’s just a simple movie editor software, but iMovie has equipped with various feature to enhance and customize your video into amazing result and you wil fun to use it, you can add effects, overlay, music, filter, title, text, or narration into a Movie, you can also to enhance or adjust the color of the movie by select the option on the iMovie panel, on the latest iMovie there are included new feature that make you easy to selectively adjust audio levels and apply sophisticated visual effects like flash and hold, instant replay, and jump cuts with a single click.

Movie editing software for mac - iMovie

Movie editing software for mac – iMovie

There are also included 15 movie trailer templates to enrich the ability of iMovie to make your movie more awesome, you can selected one of movie trailer template to add into your movie, including categories of Adventure, Romantic Comedy, and Epic Drama, each with its own unique titles, graphics, and cinematic soundtrack, all those templates can you customize with easy to match with your movie, on the latest iMovie there was available 19 of fun audio effect that you can apply into movie, you can add your own sound or audio into your movie by import them into timeline panel of iMovie, so you can hear your favorite songs while watching a movie. This movie editing software for mac have many stunning effects and transition to make your movie result more awesome.

You can create custom slow motion, fast forward, and instant replay effects for your movie, it’s will be fun. On the latest version of iMovie there was add News and Sports themes to make your movie like a broadcast TV show or sport program TV show, you can customize the look of your themed video by mixing and matching themed titles and transitions. This movie editing software for mac has support for HD video format, so don’t worry for losing quality of video that you edit using iMovie.

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