Write app – Writing Software for Mac OS X

Write is an app that is simple yet powerful as a writing software for Mac, Write app is very suitable for your daily writing task

Write app cannot be a replacement for any word processor software like OpenOffice or LibreOffice, it just small and lightweight writing software for Mac that make you easy to write a note, journal, or just temporary text. The main user interface of Write app is very clean and easy to use, it’s also fast to start, You can also make a PDF document by a single click based on document you write, so I guess you don’t need to buy any pdf document maker app, write app has bringing the extra feature for creative writing.

writing software for mac - mac writing software

write app – writing software for mac

The feature of write app that was included into is, Substitutions, Spelling and Grammar, Dictionary, Paragraph Highlighting, Typewriter Scrolling, Sophisticated Styles, Page Numbering, Header and Footer (MLA), Support for Tables, Annotations, Sophisticated Formatting, all those feature above will help you to create artistic and creative writing, beside the feature above, This writing software for Mac is also have a standard tool for your daily writing tasks.

Write app has integrated with iCloud, make a documents you have created by the  write app can be moved into your iCloud account directly, As a writing software for Mac, Write app can be read, import and export of any document word processor software format, such as, Plain text, Microsoft office, 97, Microsoft office 2003, and Microsoft office 2007, and also OpenOffice document format.

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