Alarm Pro – alarm app for mac

Give you a reminder for any time with the alarm sounds of Alarm Pro app, an alarm app for mac that is easy to customize it.

Just by placing a small icon app on your Mac Menu bar, make Alarm Pro app is very easy to access and will not disturb your Mac desktop, with Alarm Pro app will be easy for you to make an alarm for next 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes or 40 minutes just by clicking the app icon in the menu bar, or you can also to create custom alarm for the time you set yourself for very easily. Alarm Pro app brings 10 default alarm sound as well as integration with iTunes Playlist to give you a more choice of alarm sounds.

Alarm Pro - alarm app for mac

Alarm Pro – alarm app for mac

Alarm Pro app has been equipped with a local weather forecast for today and next 5 days, this will really help to manage your schedule with the help of an alarm sound reminder, so you can predict what the weather for tomorrow is nice to carry your schedule ?, and if the weather is good, set an alarm sound with alarm Pro app to help provide a reminder for you. At the main interface of Alarm Pro app you can customize your own by choosing from 8 background colors that you can apply into the main interface of Alarm Pro app. To use This alarm app for mac you should use the “Go To Sleep” feature inside of Alarm Pro app.

The default Alarm sounds that contained on this Alarm app for mac, including, Alarm Clock, Beach Waves, Bell, Bird, Cow, Fireplace, Machine Gun, Rooster, Traffic Jam and Sunny Day. Alarm Pro app developed by smartiesAnts inc. is only 4.5 MB and can work on Mac OS X 10.6 or later with improved support for Mac OS X Lion 10.7. Alarm Pro app is not yet available in any other local languages, and only supports English as primary language on the main interface of Alarm Pro app.

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