Email archiver – Mac OS X Mail Archive software

Archive all your email in the Mac OS X Apple mail into PDF document format with just a few easy steps

An email archiving software that can work with Mac OS X apple mail and be able to create an email archive with PDF documents format for all your email message, and allowing you to easy find it through Mac OS X Finder. By archiving email into PDF documents format allows you to open it in any platform. You do not need to perform the advanced settings in the Apple Mail, just install, run, and click ‘start’ button, then let Email archiver app to finish the task, scanning thousands of email messages in the Apple Mail and create PDF documents from any email that has been scanned.

Email archiver - Mac OS X mail archive software

Email archiver – Mac OS X mail archive software

Email archiver app does not have any complex user interface or difficult to use, trust me is simple, fast and very easy to use, Email archiver app will extract all email messages in the Apple Mail into PDF documents format with the same hierarchical arrangement of folders on your Mac OS X Apple Mail. No email content is deleted by Email archiver, including attachments, photos, etc, all the contents will be displayed in a PDF document. Email archiver app also provides a unique PDF file naming and easy to remember, By using the email subject line and the email date created.

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