MacFreelance – Invoice Software for Mac

Create Professional Looking Invoice with MacFreelance, one of invoice software for mac that give you a complete tools for a freelancer and small business

manage your business to grow is a must, if you’re a freelancer and have just started with a small business there are many things you can do to grow your business,  one of which is by given a professional service to client. MacFreelance is an invoice software for Mac that offers the easy way for a freelancer or small business to help provide professional service to every clients. MacFreelance is not only useful for creating a professional looking invoices for the client, but also has some other excellent features that will be very useful for a freelancer or small business.

MacFreelance - invoice software for mac

MacFreelance – invoice software for mac

MacFreelance is not just an invoice software for Mac, but more, you’ll find a feature to track payments, tax calculations, generate detailed reports, time tracking, billing, and client management. And some of these features are able to integrate with the default Mac application such as Adress Book, iCal, and spotlight. The time tracking feature on MacFreelance allows you to monitor and see the time you spend in working on one or more client projects, this will help you determine the cost of a project for client. In addition you are also given authority to be able see the client overview that allows you to keep track of work for the client through the income and expenses statistics.

MacFreelance give you a window editor to customize the invoice that you created, you’ll be able to choose a template with the design and layout of invoices that have been available, you can also for adding your own professional company logo and add other information into your invoice. For simplicity in calculating your income tax, you can use the tax calculation features on MacFreelance. You can also track the projects payment from client via (credit card, check, and more). This invoice software for Mac has supported an international currency. In the MacFreelance package you’ll also get GoFreelance Free iPhone app to make your easy on the go.

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Date: December 28, 2013

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