Font-Wizard – Font Manager for Mac

Font-Wizard let you to collect and manage Fonts in one place, a Font manager for Mac that has support for many type fonts

Has a large collection of fonts in your Mac ?, Let Font-Wizard to help you manage all the fonts in one place with the various advantages of the features of Font-Wizard. A font manager for Mac that gives you the convenience of managing all your fonts in Mac. With support for various popular type font formats including PostScript, TrueType, OpenType and Apple Dfont, allowing you to be able to manage all the fonts that you have in the Font-Wizard. The another advantage to be gained from the Font-Wizard users is support for the installed fonts and uninstalled fonts, so it does not matter whether you installed fonts in Mac OS X or just store it in a hard drive, you can easily and quickly to view and manage your font collection.

Font-Wizard - Font manager for Mac

Font-Wizard – Font manager for Mac

Veenix which is the developer of Font-Wizard has been adding GlyphLogicEngine technology into the software, GlyphLogicEngine is a new technology that is able to analyze the characteristics of a font and automatically organize based on the energy-color of Font into 16 different standard font classification. You are also given the full control to be able organize and categorize all of the fonts in Font-Wizard. This font manager for Mac features has a customizable background and text-option that you can use to change the preview screen background color and formatting or customize the text on the preview screen.

A more innovative features have been added into Font-Wizard named “Quick Mix Suggestion”, this feature can quickly give you a suggestions for alternative or similar fonts in the fonts collection of fonts in the Font-Wizard. This font manager for Mac has been equipped with a search feature that allows you to more easily perform font search in the Font-Wizard. However much a collection of fonts that you have, it would be easy for you to manage it by using the Font-Wizard. You need Mac OS X 10.6.6 or latest to be able use the Font-Wizard on your Mac.

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Date: December 28, 2013

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