Instant – Brings the Instagram Effects into Your Mac

Instant brings the Instagram photo effects into your Mac OS X, Instant will turn your photos into vintage Polaroid style for a few easy steps

Instagram is a currently popular photo effects application that can give you an amazing experience to capture photos with an iPhone or Android phone camera. Instagram provide some kind of an antique Polaroid effect, allowing users to get the camera catches result with a vintage polaroid effect. The currently you can enjoy the unique effects of Polaroid directly on your Mac OS X by using Instant app. This is not instagram app for mac, but an application that has developed by Thinktime creation that allows you to turn your photos into vintage Polaroid-style.

Instant - instagram app for mac

Instant – brings the Instagram effects into your Mac

Instant brings you the fun experience of the Polaroid instant camera into your Mac OS X desktop, drag your photos into Instant app and Wait for it to “dry” and Slowly your pictures show!, like the process of capturing photo on the original polaroid. Instant app has been equipped with 30 Polaroid vintage effects including 10 classic polaroid filters, for each filters of instant app you can adjust the intensity, vignette, emulsion and blur effects. To give you the experience like the original Polaroid, Instant app allows you to add a comment to the border with style of handwriting, you can choose from 10 fonts with handwriting styles to be added into the border photo of the instant app. Or you could be adding your own font.

Although is not an instagram app for mac, but Instant app has a similar ability like instagram app on iPhone or Android phone, such as the ability to integrate with social networks like Facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr and picasa. You do not need to fear losing image quality when you turn your photos into vintage Polaroid-style with instant app, because Instant app can save the images in the original resolution or in a fixed size. Instant app has support image format including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP.

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