NetAdmin – Mac Network Monitor Software

Monitor your network with NetAdmin to get the powerful monitoring tool. A Mac network monitor software that Provide device information in the local network you are connected to

No matter whether you are network admin or user, you can monitor the local network that you are connected to, NetAdmin can give you various information about each device connected into the local network at work or at home, This mac network monitor software can find all devices connected into local network.Using NetAdmin is not difficult and very easy to use, because NetAdmin has been fully automated operations. NetAdmin will collect the information of each device is connected and manage  history connection continuously.

NetAdmin - Mac network monitor software

NetAdmin – Mac network monitor software

The information that can be provided by NetAdmin for each device connected into the local network is :

  • Up/Down status of each host (with chart)
  • Ping response time (with chart)
  • NetBIOS, Bonjour, MDNS, UPNP information
  • Port scan and launch application with opened port
  • NIC Vendor country/company (with OUI DB update feature)
  • Public IP allocation history
  • IP allocation history on each host
  • Connected networks history for each host
  • Wi-Fi information for connected network
  • SNMP walk information on the network
  • Host type analysis: Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OSX, Mobile device, Network printer, VOIP phone

NetAdmin allows you to create networks and hosts status reports into PDF documents or print them out. This mac network monitor software allows you to manage network and get device information that connected into local network that you connected too, in an easy user interface.

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  • Rodrigo Vidal

    The software is very fast and has good features and easy to use but there is no online help manual. I think it would important for begginners. The price is not salty, but could be a little less. The Windows OS has much better applicattions yet than apple.

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