Desktop Aquarium – Make your Mac Background Moving

Make your desktop background moving and more live with Desktop Aquarium, brings real aquarium view into your Mac desktop

how to get a moving background on mac ?, is a question often asked by my friends, get a moving background on a Mac it would be nice and give the live impression to your Mac desktop. If you feel bored with your static desktop background, try to make you  your Mac desktop background moving, to get a moving background on a Mac, you will need a third-party software such as Desktop Aquarium app, Desktop Aquarium app is not like other animated desktop for Mac that gives you a freedom to choose a moving background, but Desktop Aquarium has provided 3 moving background with a real aquarium views that was amazing, including the Beautiful Coral Reef, Shark Aquarium Paradise and Crystal Clear.

Desktop Aquarium - moving background for mac

Desktop Aquarium – Make your Mac background moving

In this moving background for mac you’ll get a views that really like the original aquarium on your Mac desktop background, sharp colors, lighting and depth that is similar to the original aquarium views, further adds to the live impression in your Mac desktop background. Desktop Aquarium also gives you the option to set the inactivity period for Desktop Aquarium work and get rid of all finder or apps window, so you get aquarium view on the full-screen, Desktop Aquarium has also the ability to hide the dock and menu bar. So whether you are ready for any time to see the sharks fish right in front of you ?

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