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Secure your Mac from various threats such as viruses, malware, malicious software and ignorant hands is real with some of the best of security software for Mac

Hundreds or perhaps thousands of security software for mac on the internet you can get for easily, starting from free until a commercial, and each developer of security software for Mac offers a variety of excellent features of their software, the start of something very simple until the complex case relating to the security of your Mac. Safety is everything for a computer system to ensure users remain comfortable in working activity with computer. As with other computer systems, Mac OS X also have threats that can jeopardize the Mac and includes valuable data in it. And here are some references security software for mac that you can use to secure your Mac from the threat of malicious software or real ignorant hand.

Protection from viruses and malicious software

MacScan is one of the main ways to prevent spyware threats on the Mac OS X, MacScan is a Mac anti spyware software designed to keep your Mac safe from a variety of spyware, MacScan also able to detect and keep your Mac from the threat of Trojan horses and key logger, make your mac stay clean and safe to use without fear of losing any important information contained in your Mac OS X.

Norton Antivirus and spyware
Norton Antivirus and spyware is software that acts as a virus protection for mac, Norton Antivirus and spyware are equipped with the latest technology that is able to keep your Mac safe from various threat of virus and spyware. besides being able to prevent viruses and spyware, Norton Antivirus and spyware are also able to prevent vulnerability on your Mac

iAntivirus is one of the main antivirus for mac is quite powerful, that you can use to prevent the arrival of various viruses and spyware that can damage the system and files. iAntivirus will provide extra security to your Mac OS X with real-time scanning system protection, so your system stays clean and awake from various types of viruses, spyware or worms.

 ProtectMac AntiVirus
ProtectMac AntiVirus is a mac anti virus software which is one of security and safeguards for your Mac OS X, ProtectMac AntiVirus is designed to detect and keep your Mac safe from various malicious software such as viruses, worms, spyware and trojans, that could damage your Mac OS X and cause damage to some types of files.

ClamXav Mac Antivirus software
ClamXav Mac Antivirus software is a utility software which is pretty good for your Mac, ClamXav which is antivirus software for mac, is capable of scanning the threat very well, ClamXav Mac Antivirus software which is the development of ClamAV open source antivirus engine as the beck end.

Protection from threats on the internet

Internet Security Barrier X6
Internet Security Barrier X6 is the best way to safeguard and secure your mac from a variety of malicious programs on the Internet, Internet Security Barrier X6  is a mac internet security that is very powerful, equipped with the various features that can keep your Mac while browsing the Internet or opened e-mail, Internet Security Barrier X6 has many tools that can keep your Mac safe from malicious programs that spread across the internet

AVG LinkScanner
AVG LinkScanner is a way to protect your Mac OS X while browsing on the internet, AVG LinkScanner is the Internet security for Mac that can protect and provide comfort while browsing the internet.

Internet filter and family security

Aobo Filter
Aobo Filter software has the ability to filter the right of access to a website that you think is not good for your child’s life. Aobo Filter software designed specifically for Mac OS X users.

K9 Web Protection
K9 Web Protection is a internet filter for mac that allows you to easily filter out the site address is based on the category that you want, K9 Web Protection provides a full range categories of site address to be filtered, not only provide a list categories of sites address that a lot of blocked, such as adult sites and dating sites or similar, but also provides a list of general categories.

Network security and firewall

Little Snitch
Little Snitch is an application firewall to increase the security of your Mac, by installing a software or applications into your Mac, then automatically you has grant permissions for developers of software to connected directly with your mac, a mistake could happen, where access rights are used by other people and try to access your mac without permission, Secure each application or software that installed on your Mac and give it a strict permission.

Firewall Builder
Firewall Builder is a macintosh firewall software that can secure your computer with a very strong defense, Using Firewall Builder software you can configure Firewall very easily, no need to type commands, because Firewall Builder is equipped with a graphic user interface that allows you to drag and drop the firewall workflow design and will produce a shell script that will be applied as a firewall configuration.

Data Security, Document and password

Softtote Data Recovery
Softtote Data Recovery is a professional mac data recovery software that works to restore any lost data on your Mac hard drive due to accidental deleting, formatting, virus infection, improper operation, unexpected power failure, and other unknown Reasons. In addition, Softtote Data Recovery can also recover data on your mac hard drive partition is lost, damaged or formatted with a few easy steps.

Intego Backup Express
Intego Backup Express let you to run automatic backup schedule with easy, a backup software for mac that provide data security, With Intego Backup Express you do not have to bother and waste time just doing a regular backup, because Intego Backup Express is equipped with features that allow you for automatic backup, you simply set a schedule for Intego Backup Express to perform aregular backup tasks automatically, you can set for daily, weekly, monthly, or within the time interval you want.

Protect Files software
Protect Files is a Mac file encryption software that allows you to implement a secure encryption and password into files or folder on your Mac. Protect Files have been equipped with 128-bit AES (Advance Enryption Standard) encryption protocol, you can choose the more secure encryption for files or folders by selecting  256-bit AES encryption.

1Password is one of the main password manager for mac that is very reliable to begin manage your passwords using a password management application for Mac, which can help you to always remember and keep all your passwords to keep it safe.

Protection from real threats

Security Camera
Security Camera is a software that allows you to snap a person when a person using your Mac. Only by dragging the mouse, trackpad or pressing any key, security camera will capture the photo who using your Mac automatically, by using a webcam that installed on your Mac, and save them into a folder you’ve specified

Spy Cam
Spy Cam Let turn your Mac into a surveillance camera, with just Mac built-in camera and this Spy Cam software, This Mac surveillance software may be useful when such a case, your Mac is stolen, files a document in your Mac is lost or stolen, check whether your child turn the Mac without permission, and various other cases,

List of security software for mac above does not mean that the best security software, you can venture out and try one by one all the security software for mac available to get the best security software that fits to you.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 26, 2013

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