MyThoughts – Mind Mapping Software for Mac OS X

Transform your ideas into visual imaging with MyThoughts, a mind mapping software for Mac that give you freedom to improve your ability to brainstorm

Create an illustration of visual imaging representing thinking or your ideas into a digital canvas, With mind mapping will enhance your ability to evaluate, memorize, and recall information in a manner consistent with the human brain, By describing mind mapping into the visual imagery will help you to get a new way of thinking to a plan or solution of a problem. MyThoughts is a mind mapping software for Mac that allows you to create a unique mind mapping and meaningful and easily understood by anyone that used it, mind mapping can be used for anyone in any field of thought processing and analysis.

MyThoughts - mind mapping software for Mac

MyThoughts – mind mapping software for Mac

MyThoughts have been included with more than 300 pictures to assist you in making mind mapping on the digital canvas that  provided by MyThoughts. To further facilitate users in creating mind maps, MyThoughts provide facilities to integrate with other software such as iPhoto, to give you the ease of drag and drop directly through the browser to access the images or pictures in iPhoto library. In addition you are also allowed to drag and drop pictures or images directly from the finder or a web page into MyThoughts digital canvas. With this mind mapping software for mac you get a new level of freedom in creating mind mapping.

With MyThoughts you can easily add things related in the external, like the links to the documents, files, video, or web pages. The Ability and ease of MyThoughts in drawing mind mapping is doesn’t need to doubt and it very easy thing to do, you just prepare the ideas or thoughts to be poured into visual illustrations through digital canvas of MyThoughts. When you have finished drawing mind mapping, you are given the option to export it into a file that is supported, including OPML, RTDF, Word, PDF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF, or print it into whatever size you need. For a commercial mind mapping software for mac, MyThoughts is enough to help you to transform ideas into visual images. MyThoughts not provide a version of free mind mapping software like that I posted before.

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