Top 9 Free Cloud Storage Services With Desktop Client For Mac

A desktop app client from cloud storage service providers that will make you easy in managing every files on the cloud storage without the need to log in via the web browser, cloud storage will facilitate you to share files with anyone on the internet or simply backup of your files, some of the cloud storage service providers has provide you with free storage space offer to a certain limit of space, although have limited space, but I think that’s enough for just personal storage, you can use cloud storage for various purposes, such as for backup data or just share your files , photos, videos, etc with your friends. And here is a cloud storage service providers that offer free space and has a desktop client app for Mac.

Top 9 Free Cloud Storage Services

Top 9 Free Cloud Storage Services With Desktop Client For Mac


You simply drag files into Droplr icon that located on your Mac menu bar to upload a file to droplr cloud storage server, and when the proses upload is complete, Droplr will let you know when it has been uploaded and copy a link to your clipboard that you can paste in to emails, instant messages, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Droplr gives you 1GB of cloud storage space at no charge.


TransferBigFiles allow any user to upload different types of file formats, including Photos, videos, documents, archives, etc, with cloud storage space that offered by TransferBigFiles up to 1GB with a 100MB size limit per file. TransferBigFiles provides a desktop client app for mac to facilitate the users to upload and manage files that are in their cloud storage servers. TransferBigFiles provide a quote for upgrading up to 5GB of storage space at a cost of $5 per month subscription.


Save up to 2GB of your valuable files in the cloud storage space provided by the CloudBackupBank, allowing you to upload any files to the server using the CloudBackupBank desktop app client for mac for the uploading and management files faster. You can save different types of file formats, such as music, photos, videos, documents, email, and more. CloudBackupBank gives you the ease to upgrade up to 30GB of cloud storage space.


One of the main providers of free cloud storage service is the most popular and widely used by Mac users. Dropbox offers free cloud storage space of 2GB, you can save different types of files into the dropbox cloud storage servers for your ease in sharing files or storing backup files. Dropbox provides a desktop app client for mac to facilitate users to manage and synchronize all files on folders between the Mac and the DropBox server.


One of the services that provided free of charge by Microsoft, Skydrive gives you offer of free cloud storage up to 25GB. SkyDrive also provides a client app to help you in sync and uploading files directly from the finder without going through the internet browser.


Google Drive
The Services by Google recently released, previously called Google docs, you can upload files into the 5GB of cloud storage space offered by google drive for free. Google drives also provide additional applications that allow you to increase productivity, such as office suite application that is integrated directly with google drive, to use the office suite services you need to use it via internet browser. Google Drive provides a client app for mac that make you simplify the process of uploading directly from your Mac desktop.


Amazon Cloud drive
Get 5GB of cloud storage space for free and upload files for sharing or storing backup files safely. Amazon cloud drive provides a desktop app client for mac that you can download it for free to help you upload and manage all files in the cloud storage service from amazon cloud drive. You can upgrade the amazon cloud drive storage space to your needs.


SugarSync allow you to upload, access, synchronize and share files, the 5GB of cloud storage space is provided for free, SugarSync provides a desktop client app to facilitate users in managing files directly from the Mac desktop without having to login via the internet browser. You can increase storage space by subscribing to the storage space you need.


iDrive offers a free 5GB of cloud storage space, with the ease of managing files using a desktop app client that available for Mac. You can save files for sharing with friends or just store a backup. You can upgrade the cloud storage space with subscription packages that have been provided by the iDrive.

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