Koku – Money Management Software for Mac

Koku let you to manage all your finance in one place, a money management software for mac That give you more benefit to manage your finance

Take control of all the management of personal finances including checking, savings, credit cards, all in one place by Koku, a money management software for mac that will assist you in managing every aspect of personal finance in a professional, Koku gives you all the flexibility and ease of use for managing personal finance, koku let you to track each income and expenditure of money for any time, and see you in the habit of spending the money to spend various purposes such as buying clothes, food, drink, or your favorite coffee shop, etc, that way you can see the personal account balance at any time quickly, and you can immediately see any expenditure that does not necessarily need to be repeated. That way you will be able to save more money in savings or for the other major needs.

Koku - money management software for mac

Koku – money management software for mac

A cool feature of koku is able to automatically download your transactions in real-time from any bank that has been supported by the USA, no matter if you have several different bank accounts and download all transactions in each different bank, you will be able to manage finances well using Koku. This money management software for Mac gives you a good tagging technology to assist you in categorizing and classifying every revenue and expenditure by adding a label to each transaction, it will be easier for you to search the current transaction in the future or looking back transactions history in the past.

The Formats supported by Koku to import the statements Bank including OFX, QIF, QFX and OFC, so when you have a transaction history report from the old bank account, you can directly import them into koku with one of the formats supported. This money management software for mac allow you to be able to view account transaction reports at any time to give you an overview and insight that reveals all the expenditure and income over time. Koku also provide for you a dashboard widget that will display the overview of the current balance in all accounts that you add into the koku. And now you’re ready to keep track of where your money come into your account, and where your money goes.

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