Parallels Desktop for Mac – Virtual Machine App for Mac

Run your virtual machine on Mac with Parallels Desktop for Mac, a virtual machine for Mac that will Run Windows, Linux and more simultaneously on your Mac

Too many Mac users who seem to need another operating system environment for embedded on their Mac machine, many ways or methods to install another operating system on Mac machine beside Mac OS X itself. As with the perform manual installation of another operating system on your Mac machine that you can read on the previous article with the title ‘How To MultiBoot on Mac‘ or by using the virtual machine methode. Actually a lot of user of Mac are just need an applications or programs that can only be run on other operating systems like Windows to run on Mac OS X, as we know there are some software or emulator that allows you to run windows programs on mac directly without the need to install the system operation like windows on a mac machine. However this method has many deficiencies and support for latest programs.

Parallels Desktop for Mac - virtual machine for Mac

Parallels Desktop for Mac – virtual machine for Mac

The very effective method is using a virtual machine, with the method running virtual machine on mac will allow you to be able to run other operating systems directly from your Mac desktop without rebooting first, isn’t like use the multiboot method or boot camp. Disadvantages of using the virtual machine method is using a lot of CPU resources because they have to work with the two or more operating systems at once. With Parallels Desktop for Mac you can install another operating system like windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 or even linux into your mac, the operating system that installed on the virtual machine works natively, so you can install any software that have compatibility with the operating system you installed on your virtual machine.

Some of the advantages of Parallels Desktop for Mac than another virtual machine for mac, is such as setting a very easy, and also the implementation of SmartX technolologies, which allows you to access files folders, and data across Windows OS and Mac OS X, you can drag and drop a compatible file between windows os app in a virtual machine with Mac Apps. Parallels Desktop for Mac also allows you to be able to run Windows programs directly from the Mac dock, and run Mac and Windows programs side by side. You can install multiple operating systems that you needs in a virtual machine on Mac, and you can run simultaneously without rebooting first. Parallels Desktop for Mac has support for full screen mode or on the screen size you want, the other advantage of this virtual machine for mac is possible to Use Apple Gestures in any Windows programs that installed on virtual machine, or you can map your keyboard shortcuts to work with the program your run, or using Apple Remote to control Windows programs directly from your Mac.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 24, 2013

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