inSSIDer – Wi-Fi Scanner App For Mac

inSSIDer lets you track the best wireless network to connect, a simple wifi scanner app for mac that give you available wifi connection around you

Scan available wifi connections around you is very easy to do, but if are around you is discover a lot of wifi networks to connect, you have must be smart to choose the best of wifi network connection that would you use to connect to the internet, try to select a wifi network connection that have strongest signal quality than others, and analyze the security connection from wifi network would you use, whether it secured or open. Is not always the Wifi network providers is provide good enough security when you’re connected to wifi network for browsing and surfing on the Internet , and to select as well as analyze the best wifi network to choose is difficult without the help of Mac wifi scanner that gives you detailed information about wifi networks around you.

inSSIDer - wifi scanner for mac

inSSIDer – wifi scanner for mac

inSSIDer is came to offer you the easiest way to scanning available wifi networks around you and let you to choose the best wifi network to connect. With inSSIDer software you can get some references that can be used in help you determine the best wifi networks available to connect in around you, This wifi scanner for Mac will be displaying the wifi network connection information around you, such as received signal strength, network security wifi , channel, hardware vendors, max rate, network and mac Address Type. By analyzing at the data information you have recieved about available wifi networks, you can quickly determine the best wifi network connection to connected.

To connects to a wifi network that have wide bandwidth connections that will gives you best experience while browsing on the Internet, try to choose one of available wifi network that have large down max rate, the inSSIDer is able to scan, analyze and display the wifi channel for 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. Once you perform wifi networks scanning around you, Click on any network that are listed in the table and the associated time graph line below will become bold in all selected views, helping you to identify a single network amongst many. A green sign at WiFi icon indicates which network your computer is currently connected to. This wifi scanner for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.7 and 64-bit processors to works.

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