Fast Address Book for Quick Access to Mac Address Book

Fast Address Book gives you easy access to the Mac address book simply by clicking the small icon on the menu bar

by default Mac OS X has brings a Address book feature to help you manage every contact you have, you can enter detailed information for each of your contacts in the Address book entries and also very easy to use, but there are times you need a very fast process to just see the contact in the Address book, if your Mac still has area in the menu bar to put the small icon, let’s try the fast Address Book, this is a small application that put the small icon in the Mac menu bar, fast Address Book can give you quick access to contact list directly from your Mac Address book.

Fast address book - address book for mac

Fast address book – mac address book

You will see the detailed information about the contact that you selected such as you open in the Mac Address book, simply by clicking a small icon in the menu bar and fast Address Book will immediately give the search form to all your contact list on your Mac Address Book, so you just type a few letters in the search form of Fast Address Book, and pretty soon you can see the contact you are looking for. Fast Address Book is also able to display the profile picture contacts you have in the Mac Address book entries. Fast Address Book requires 64-bit processor and can only run on Mac OS X 10.7 or latest.

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