Screen Recorder-Pro – Mac Video Screen Capture App

Anything you see on Mac screen, Capture it with the Screen Recorder Pro, a Mac video screen capture software that make you easy to grab the Mac OS X screen.

Capture what you can see on your Mac screen, sometimes it is often necessary, many of the purpose that underlie a person wants to capture what’s on their Mac screen, for example the case, you can record a streaming video directly using a mac video screen capture software like Screen Recorder-Pro, and you do not need to use a streaming video downloader software, just enough to record it with the Recorder Screen-Pro, you can get a video you like, such as when you playing video on youtube, you can get the video by recording it directly by using Screen Recorder Pro without having to download youtube videos using third-party software.

Screen Recorder-Pro - Mac video screen capture

Screen Recorder-Pro – Mac video screen capture

So what is the ability of Screen Recorder Pro, let’s see, the Screen Recorder-Pro you can use to record whatever is on your mac screen, you are also given the freedom to adjust any size screen that will you record or capture, or you need a full screen video capture ?, just relax the Screen Recorder-Pro is also very possible for it. do not need to hesitate if you capture the screen and then the video is muted, because this mac video screen capture software can record with audio that heard in your speaker, or you can also be adding your voice by talking to the microphone that you plugging into the Mac while recording with Screen Recorder Pro to record your mac screen.

This mac video screen capture software provides two versions that you can use, and you are free to choose between them, that is Screen Recorder-Pro and Screen Recorder tool, on the version of Screen Recorder tool you can record a screen only in a certain length of time and the Screen Recorder tool provided free of charge, so you do not need a license fee to use it, unlike the screen Recorder Pro that is able to record the mac screen indefinitely, but there are licensing fees, so I think you know what the best version for your own. This mac video screen capture software is also very useful for recording a demo software, games, presentation, tutorials, etc.

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