5+ Terminal App for Mac OS X

Provides 5+ terminal app for mac, which makes you easier to working on terminal

There are many commands that can you typed at the terminal and then the command will be done by the Mac OS X, by typing the commands in the terminal, sometimes will be speed up the process of working with Mac, but many users of Mac OS X are difficulties in working with the terminal, because the user is only confronted with a black screen or many people call it command line interface (CLI) and the user must type the commands that have been set by Mac os x, Indeed it is very difficult for new Mac os x users, because a new user must first memorize the commands and functions that already set in Mac OS X. often the user who had a long time working on mac also has a difficult with the use of this terminal, such as when the need to memorize the location of the files are located deep in the subfolder to type it on the terminal, so the following is a terminal app for mac that may be you need.

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5+ terminal app for mac

1. DTerm
With DTerm you can get faster and easier to use the terminal, to be able to use DTerm, you simply press the hotkey that have been set while working with any document or in any application you use, and DTerm will be shown on your screen, DTerm directly set the file directory that you are working on it, and to exit the DTerm you can just press the escape key on the keyboard or go back work with a document or application you are currently open.

2. Go2Shell
This terminal app for mac is a little different with the Dterm that i mentioned before, the difference between Go2Shell and Dterm are on the way to open the terminal itself, on DTerm you simply press the hotkey, but on the Go2Shell you must click on the menu that you has dragging into the finder window, yes after installing Go2Shell, you can drag the Go2Shell app icon directly into the finder window for ease when opening it, Go2Shell also been set to work in the same directory as the folder you are currently open.

3. Terminal Here
Terminal Here is works very simple, you do not have to bother remembering the location of a file to execute commands on the terminal, just open the Terminal Here Once you are inside a folder, and the Terminal Here was set for the current folder, almost similar to the terminal app for mac before, you can also drag the Terminal Here app icon into finder window or let in the dock, it is really easy.

4. OpenInTerminal
Does not vary much with the terminal app for mac as above, OpenInTerminal also gives you the ease of using the terminal in each work with a Mac, you simply open the OpenInTerminal app icon the current folder location, OpenInTerminal also available on the finder window, so it is not difficult to access OpenInTerminal app when you are working on any folder.

5. Ionsole
Ionsole is One of the main terminal app for mac that is a little different from the terminal app for mac that i had mentioned above, The features that are not owned by Ionsole including the ability to set the terminal to the current folder location you are, but Ionsole have slightly different features, that is the ability to multi-tabbed, multiple views and multiple windows.

6. ShellTo
ShellTo have in common with the terminal app for mac that I had already mentioned, that is able to set the terminal in the current directory in the finder, which makes ShellTo a little bit different, is the location of the app icon that located on the menu bar, unlike the previous terminal app for mac which puts the icon app on the mac os x finder window.

No matter how a great the ability and a graphical user interface of operating system, have not been able to dispose the features of command line interface (CLI) from within any computer operating system, works with any documents, works with any application, the terminal application can often speed up while working on Mac OS X.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 27, 2013

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