Intego Backup Express – backup software for mac

Intego Backup Express let you to run automatic backup schedule with easy, a backup software for mac that provide data security

Backup is a regular task that you have to do to keep the data in your hard drive safe, there are many ways to perform data backup on a hard drive, and most practical way is by using backup software for mac, one of which is Intego Backup Express, by using the backup software for mac you can get a variety of easy to perform data backup on the hard drive. Intego Backup Express is very flexible and very powerful, and able to backup the valuable data on your hard drive into a variety of external devices, such as external hard drives, DVD, network volumes, removable media, etc.

Intego Backup Express - backup software for mac

Intego Backup Express – backup software for mac

With Intego Backup Express you do not have to bother and waste time just doing a regular backup, because Intego Backup Express is equipped with features that allow you for automatic backup, you simply set a schedule for Intego Backup Express to perform a regular backup tasks automatically, you can set for daily, weekly, monthly, or within the time interval you want, so the backup process will not disturb your work time, and will automatically perform backup every time a task schedule has arrived, and the backup process is running in the background and will not interfere with the working concentration of you, So keep the working and let the backup task performed by this backup software for mac. You can be free to backup various files in various locations, such as only the home folder, disk, volume, or a specific folder, wherever it as long as you have access permissions.

You can choose to backup any additional files on the backup folder, so only new files and files that have changed will be copied by Intego Backup Express into the backup destination folder. This backup software for mac also able to synchronize folders or volumes. Some of the possible backup destination for Intego Backup Express to backup your valuable files are, partition or volume in the same hard drive, external hard drives, removable media, CD or DVD, network volumes, Airport disk, iDisk, iPod and disk images. This backup software for mac can filter any type of file and you decide to not be included in the backup process.

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