AppCleaner – Mac App Cleaner

A free and small Mac app cleaner for clean up unwanted apps and the related files

If you want to uninstall programs on a Mac, not enough just by dragging the app icon into the trash and then you delete them from the trash, if the way you did for deleting programs on mac, it will leave some of the related files, and will become junk files that just will narrow the your hard drive space, large or small related files left on your hard drive depending on the programs that you uninstall, usually the related files stored in the system folder and gather with other system files, that if you get wrong delete one file, it will cause your Mac OS X is hang, so for the security of your Mac OS X, you better use a Mac app cleaner software, which is widely available on the internet, one of which is AppCleaner.

AppCleaner - Mac app cleaner

AppCleaner – Mac app cleaner

AppCleaner can scan all related files of apps that will you uninstall from the hard drive, so when you will remove the apps that are not used anymore, you simply drag it into the main window of AppCleaner software, and automatically AppCleaner software will scan your entire system folder to search related files with the apps you are going to delete. This Mac app cleaner software can find files that are proper and related to the apps you are going to remove, so do not be afraid to delete the wrong file system that might cause your Mac OS X hang or damaged. So no more related files are left behind when deleting apps from your hard drive, and make the rest of the larger hard drive space.

Besides being able to clean all related apps files, you can also use the AppCleaner software to clean the widget file, so when there are a widget that is not used, you can remove it through to completion by using AppCleaner software, as well as with third-party plugins that found on the apps that installed on your Mac OS X  can be cleaned by AppCleaner software. You can use the AppCleaner software for free, there is no license fee or you can sends a donation to AppCleaner software developers to make it better, This Mac app cleaner software can only be used on Mac OS X 10.4 or newer.

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