Inkscape – Open Source Free Drawing Software for Mac OS X

Inkscape let you drawing for freely, a free drawing software for mac that gives you a powerful tool

Inkscape is an open source project drawing software that can run on multiple operating system platforms, including Mac OS X, Inkscape have the ability a very good in a drawing, and has also been equipped with the tools that are powerful and able to assist you in creating stunning graphics images, Inkscape has some ability that held by many commercial drawing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel draw, Freehand, or Xara X, yes and of course you know these capabilities of the commercial drawing software, and Inkscape give it to you for free, although you can use Inkscape for free, but you can help Inkscape development for the better by sending a donation to help the development.

Inkscape - free drawing software for mac

Inkscape – free drawing software for mac

Drawing vector graphics you can do freely with Inkscape, because Inkscape is equipped with various tools that supported, some projects are very possible to be done by This free drawing software for mac is like, Web Graphics, technical Diagrams, Icons, Creative Art, Maps, Logos, comics, and many more that have a related with the drawing. move your hand over the mouse with the pencil tool freely to produce a shapes such as your mouse movements, some other drawing tool is, Pen Tool, Calligraphy tool, Shape tool, text tool, and more. Inkscape has been equipped with the Color management, and has supported RGB mode, HSV and color wheel, allowing you to applying a color into an object with ease.

Provided support for Object manipulation, which allows you to perform various adjustments to each object, such as moving, scaling, rotating, skewing, grouping, ungrouping, layer management, etc, and many more things you can do with Inkscape to create an amazing graphics images, Inkscape can you make an alternative for other commercial drawing software for mac, because even though this is a free drawing software for mac, but have an excellent ability to create 2D graphic for anyone.

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