iCandy – animated desktop for mac

Get your Mac desktop background with a moving object by using iCandy, an application of animated desktop for mac That Make your desktop more cool

Have you ever feel bored with the look of the desktop that only silence, and think to make a photo slideshows, videos, as a desktop background for your Mac, has a moving object is automatically on the desktop is a different matter, and this will make your Mac desktop more a life, and you will feel a different experience when working with a Mac. By iCandy it’s not a big problem, and you can do with just a few easy steps and does not need a complicated process, so you will be faster to enjoy the Mac desktop that is more beautiful and impressive.

animated desktop mac - animated desktop for mac

iCandy – animated desktop for mac

Show all your favorite photos collection in a full screen desktop background and let it move between photos automatically and also insert an impressive effects such as Ken Burns, Photo Prints and Flip, all of which makes your Mac desktop more a life, if you are not impressed with the desktop background which has a collection of your favorite photos moving, try to Make a Film or video as the desktop background, and you can do for easily, a video file will play on your Mac OS X desktop background in a full screen, and you can using it with sound or without sound. This is animated desktop for mac that makes your Mac desktop become more awesome.

You have seen the screen saver animation on your Mac OS X, but unfortunately the screen saver will only be visible if you let the Mac for some time, and will return to the normal desktop when you move the input devices like mouse or keyboard, with iCandy you can see the animated screen saver on the desktop background to keep going, yes you can make animated screen saver for your Mac desktop background, and without to let your Mac for a while to see the animated screen saver playing, the animated screen saver that was included into the iCandy is the Stars, Squares, Lights and Lines, and also you can download for some animated screen savers that are available on the Internet. If you have a camera that is plugged into the Mac, with this animated desktop for mac you can make the Live camera for the desktop background and apply some effects such as comic and neon, so you can see a live video camera catches in the desktop background.

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