Photo Calendar Print – Design Your Own Calendar on a Mac

Design and Print your own calendar using the Photo Calendar Print, a calendar maker for mac that allows you to make the calendar as a special gift

Did you ever think to make the calendars as gifts for birthdays or Christmas, yes now you can easily to make it, Added images along with the girlfriend / boyfriend, family, fellows or your school friends into the calendar design, and make it as a gift, it’s a very pleasant, when one see the date on the calendar in the room his room, and then he will remember the pictures that are on the calendar, and may include you in it. Photo Calendar Print allows you to create your own calendar design with a variety of layout options and add your pictures in it and then print it.

Photo Calendar Print - calendar maker for mac

Photo Calendar Print – calendar maker for mac

You can choose any font that will be used for design your own calendar, and you also get to customize it such as changing the colors, so you will see a font you like in every day, month, etc. There is also a calendar frame Background that you can change with the color to your liking. There are some calendar layout options, such as 1-month calendar on one sheet, three-month calendar on one sheet, one-year calendar on one sheet, etc. This calendar maker for mac allowing you to put the photos in the various positions according to the calendar layout that you choose.

You can print your calendar designs into the CD / DVD case, Because This calendar maker for mac already has a template for it, so you will be easy to make it, the standard design of calendar sheet on the Photo Print Calendar is A4, but you can adjust it freely, using the scaling or enlarging the printer’s functions, so you can print your own calendar design in the various sizes of sheet. To use the Photo Calendar Print, you have been using Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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