Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 – Web Design Software for Mac

Adobe Dreamweaver is a web design software for mac that will turn your ideas into a very impressive web page is one of the main pioneer in the software for Mac, for a long time product has support for Mac computers, even currently the best photo editor software like Photoshop have first supporting for Mac OS before supports Microsoft Windows OS, a lot of software for a creative has been created by, one of them is Adobe Dreamweaver, a software which serves to make you more easy to design, develop, and maintain the website. The current version of Adobe Dreamweaver is Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, This web design software for mac has been developed by Macromedia before it was acquired by and has gone through various experiences in web design, so the current Adobe Dreamweaver is more and better.

web design software mac - web design software for mac

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 – web design software for mac

On the versions of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 has been added various the best features such as the Fluid Grid layout that makes you easy for cross-platform and cross-browser-compatible web designs using the CSS3-based Fluid Grid Layout system, this will make you more quickly to develop a web design, and does not wasting time to trying a perfect view in each web browser. the another feature is the FTP performance improvements that have been integrated with this web design software for mac for a long time, and the current versions of this web design software for mac also been included updated live view, the FTP performance has been improved for better and faster to upload a large files. The Other feature in the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is full support for jQuery Mobile, which is one of the main JavaScript framework that is intended for Mobile Apps, allowing you to build native mobile apps for multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and blackberry, along with support of PhoneGap that makes you more easy to build a native mobile apps for Android, IOS, and blackberry using PhoneGap emulators.

The latest web technology has been supported by Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 like CSS3 and HTML5, in this web design software for mac including CSS3 Transitions that make your web pages more a life with the presence of transition animation effects you can apply into your web page element. On the versions of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 also been included updated live view which allows you to see the design of web pages that you created in the frame of webkit engine to give you the best support HTML5. a pretty cool feature in the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is Multiscreen preview panel feature that has been in the update, which allows you to preview the appearance of web design is built for smartphones, tablets, and desktops with different screen resolutions. Very many other great features in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 which will help you to become a professional web designer and web developer.

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