SmartDay – Task Management Software for Mac

SmartDay is for smart people to organize their tasks schedule everyday, a task management software for mac that bringing the flexibility to manage every tasks

Just by clicking the SmartDay icon in the menu bar, you can immediately see any scheduled tasks to be done for next, tomorrow, next week, or whenever, in the dropdown window with a minimalist column that is very simple and focus with the information about your schedules tasks that is only invisible if you have clicked the SmartDay icon in the menu bar, without disturbing any essential work applications and make your Mac desktop clean from the clutter. Create the projects categories of your own for each list related tasks, makes organizing your tasks better and easier to be tracked at any time, with every sort and filter tasks by category.

task management mac - task management software for mac

SmartDay – task management software for mac

Stay focused to complete each task without a confused to think about scheduling a new task, because SmartDay already has an automated task scheduling features that take advantage of your free time today, and directly placed into the calendar that has been integrated with this task management software for mac, so if today the SmartDay has detected that you do not have a full schedule of tasks, it will automatically scheduled a new task will be inserted to this day, so that the tasks are not completed will be pushed into the next scheduled task. You can drag any task that is very possible to be done today with the remaining time available and not to wasting your working time, so you will be better able to appreciate and really take advantage of the time, because the time is money.

Getting things done with filtering out any important tasks in the each projects category and schedule it into your current day, and mark the tasks are completed to be replaced by the next task as automatically. For a better management of tasks, you can apply Tags and context filters for each task, which will help to more quickly find a schedule of tasks through the Search box. This task management software for Mac can synchronize with one of free service from to organize your tasks via a web browser that allows to be accessed anywhere, so you can see the schedule of your tasks at office, home or on the go.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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