1Password – Password Manager for Mac

1Password is the password manager for mac that have the ability to integrate with your favorite web browser

Have you ever bothered with problems such as lost passwords, do not ever let anything like that happen to you constantly, begin to manage your passwords using a password management application for Mac, which can help you to always remember and keep all your passwords to keep it safe. 1Password is one of the main password manager for mac that is very reliable in terms of password management, such as storing passwords and also creating strong and unique passwords, not only passwords that can you store into 1Password but also a website account, credit card numbers, notes, identity and licensed software, all equipped with the secure encrypted storage.

1Password - password manager for mac

1Password – password manager for mac

1Password can integrate with your favorite web browser, allowing you to easily log in, fill registration form, fill a shopping cart form, fill the survey form, etc. 1Password helps you to create a strong and different passwords for each site, and you will not be bothered to remember it, because 1Password has kept it in the database. No need to type your username and password into the login form site, because 1Password has ability to fill in login form automatically, and if you have multiple accounts within a website, you can use multiple accounts login to the same website. With this password manager for mac you can organize all your paswords and account with tags and folders.

You can create many new identities to facilitate you in fill out the form on each site, such as registration, surveys, and shopping carts, so you do not have to type every want to fill out the form on the each site, just let 1Password to fill it for you. This password manager for mac allowing you to synchronize data with the iPhone and iPad using the wi-fi connection or take the advantage of personal cloud services Dropbox to synchronize the data for a large coverage area, to be able synchronize data with an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need a mobile version of 1Password installed on the iPhone or iPad.

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