Cobook – Mac Contact Management Software

Cobook is simple way to manage contacts and import contacts from social network site with quick access on the menu bar

Apple has Provide the default contact management software for Their Mac, but not all Mac users is feel enough, The Mac users sometimes need something more, like Cobook, a Mac contact management software that gives you easy to import any contacts on the social network sites include Facebook, Twitter and linkedin, which the features is what you can’t find on the default Mac Address book. Cobook can synchronize your contacts with Google contacts and iCloud, although still using the default Mac Adress Book as a media synchronization, because the default Mac address book can do that, yes Cobook doesn’t have it’s own features, but Cobook can synchronize directly with the default Mac address book. so both are the mac contact management software, the default Mac address book and Cobook will complement each other.

Cobook - Mac contact management software

Cobook – Mac contact management software

Another interesting thing is Cobook can automatically create a backup contact, so when you add a contact into Cobook then automatically Cobook will copy the contacts using vCard format into a folder that you can access directly via the gear icon while holding the Alt key and select Show Data folder. How to add a contact into Cobook also very easy, you can use the “qick add” to more quickly add the detailed data into contact, This Mac contact management software can automatically recognize some types of data, such as Phone numbers, Email Address, Website, Social network profile, Adress, etc, is valid if eg, you type “(415) 927-4813″ then Cobook will instantly recognize it as a phone number and put it into the contact details, as well as when you type “@macprograms” then Cobook will automatically recognize it as a Twitter username and put it into contact details.

The features of tag on Cobook, lets you to create a contact groups, create a new hashtag to categorize some contact into it, eg “#business” that is all your business contacts, create groups of contacts as much as you want, #family, #friends, #VIP , etc. and you can feel free to add a contact into a contact group and remove the contact from the contact group for any time, rename and delete contact groups you can do at any time with ease. This Mac contact management software allows you to Update, Delete, merge and search contact without big deal. Cobook also supports import and export contacts in vCard format with just a drag and drop it out from Cobook window. So if you have to transfer contacts from iphone, google, ipad, etc. You can directly import them into Cobook.

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