MenubarMusic – Music Player for Mac

MenubarMusic is the simple music player for Mac, that Just shows a little icon in the menu bar with less Memory usage

Sometimes you don’t want a complex software and use a large enough memory and only works for simple things, we know that iTunes is the default music player for mac, and many Mac OS users believe if the iTunes is the best music player for Mac, but maybe which one of you can not use the iTunes for optimal in addition to music or mp3 player, yeah we know if the iTunes have the feature that allows you to browse and enjoy a variety of interesting content on the iTunes Store with ease, such as music, movie, book, etc. But most of iTunes users are not too concerned with it, they just use iTunes as a music player, nothing more.

MenubarMusic - music player for Mac

MenubarMusic – music player for Mac

If you are which of one the iTunes users who only use it for just  a music player, do not waste your CPU resources and memory consumption of excess just for the music player application, let’s try MenubarMusic, a music player for Mac that offers simplicity, lets you to keep listening music while multi task works with opening for many application together without too much reducing the resources of CPU and memory consumption. Only show a small icon in the menu bar and only has two windows that only visible if you have performed configure or change in it, the window serves as a playlist manager and one for the playlist editor. Yeah just the two windows are visible only if you make a change into the Playlist.

MenubarMusic has supported drag and drop, lets you easy to add music into MenubarMusic Playlist, you can add a single file or a folder directly from the desktop or finder into MenubarMusic. Double click for changing the name of the playlist and reorder a playlist with just drag and drop. This Music player for mac has supported music formats including mp3, wav, aiff, aac, m4a, I think the four of supported formats have been enough, because it is the most popular music format. MenubarMusic gives you the functionality directly into the target without much configuration and features that sometimes you do not need.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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