All Audio Recorder-Pro – Streaming Audio Recorder For Mac

have you ever heard the music on the internet, yeah now you can record it using All Audio Recorder-Pro, and can be playable without internet connection

All Audio Recorder-Pro is the streaming audio recorder for mac that make you easy to record playable audio on the Internet, I’m sure you often playing music video clips from your favorite artist on youtube or others video sharing site, and to enjoy the videos you are requires an internet connection, without an Internet connection you can not connect to youtube or other video sharing site and enjoy the music from your favorite artists, you can download youtube videos into your Mac, but for some people downloading video from youtube it’s a pretty hard, and the another way is by record an audio from music video that you’ve play and then you can save audio recordings result into a format that can be played by iTunes or mobile phone.

record streaming audio mac - streaming audio recorder for mac

All Audio Recorder-Pro – streaming audio recorder for mac

All Audio Recorder-Pro is suitable for you to make as tool for record streaming audio from any website, any audio that you hear on the Internet, can be recorded with the All Audio Recorder-Pro, including streaming radio, streaming video and music streaming. When you play music videos on youtube, open All Audio Recorder-Pro software, and let to record audio from the video music that you play without record a video, or when you’re listening music from variety of online music streaming services, such as myspace, Grooveshark or SoundCloud, etc, you can record it with All Audio Recorder-Pro and then save to your hard drive to be played without an internet connection. This streaming audio recorder for mac also has been equipped with features that can record from  built-in audio device, and possibility to mix with computer audio.

There are many of online streaming radio that you can listen, when the radio plays your favorite music, immediately record it using this streaming audio recorder for mac, if the audio recordings are too long or have annoying sound, you can split and throw it away, do not be afraid of losing the audio quality, because the All Audio Recorder-Pro has the ability to record in 1:1 quality, wich means you will get the quality of the audio recording result that comparable to audio quality when you hear it on the internet. You can add and edit ID3 tags in audio recordings result. You are also get facilities to directly burn all audio recordings files onto a CD, without using third-party CD burner software.

In addition to the ability that we mentioned above, All Audio Recorder-Pro can also create a ringtone for mobile phone, when you get a streaming audio recording result, and you think it’s a good to made as Ringtone for your mobile phone, All-Pro Audio Recorder can do it with a simple step, and without requiring a third party ringtone maker software. If you’re a music lover, All Audio Recorder-Pro is perfect for you to record any audio streaming in the Internet with very easy and simple steps. To use this streaming audio recorder for mac, you must using Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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